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About sciartsci

I would like to consider myself both scientist and artist and am profoundly interested in the overlap, intermingling, and interface between these two worlds. I had an academic position (in science) at a university in the USA, which I left (in part) to spend a year in London doing art in a Foundation programme at Byam Shaw/Central St Martins. I now find myself back working in science but maintaining a high level of involvement in art (sculpture, painting, drawing, photography). I have a pretty cool job and this blog reflects only my opinions and not those of the fantastic institution I happen to be lucky enough to work for.

Emotion in Science and Art

What is the role of emotion in art and what is the role of emotion in science? Is science really the realm of the cold intellect, and art the dominion of the heart?  Is getting people to care about science … Continue reading

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Experiments– CSM Art and Science MA Interim Show

Recently I had the thoroughly enjoyable experience of checking out the interim show of the world’s first ever Art and Science MA course. Run at the Byam Shaw campus of Central St Martins by Nathan Cohen and Eleanor Crook, this … Continue reading

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Really good immersive environmental art

For environmental scientists, the world is often an extension of the laboratory. For that reason, I am am sometimes loathe to draw the line between where sci-art begins and environmental art begins. By environmental art, I mean art that directly … Continue reading

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Science and art– Talking about a new art movement

Last Friday I headed over to the GV Art Gallery in London to check out their new and ambitiously titled show Art & Science: Merging Art and Science to Make a Revolutionary New Art Movement and hear a panel of bio-artists moderated … Continue reading

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Kinetica Art Fair: Zoo of the Future

Squeals when you pull its hairs. Echidna II by Tim Bech. Image courtesy of Kinetica website Yesterday I visited the Kinetica Art Fair, hosted at the P3 Gallery at the University of Westminster.  You walk through a dark hallway that … Continue reading

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On the difficulty of making good climate art

So I could blame my busy life on it taking me ages to write a new blog post.  But instead I am going to attribute the fact that I had the notion of writing a post on the exhibition “Unfold, … Continue reading

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The art and science of glassblowing

Glassblowing is pretty neat.  There is something amazing about watching somebody start with a blob of cold glass and turn it to something colorful, delicate and shapely.  That said, glass blowing is typically thought of more as a craft than … Continue reading

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